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Health Benefits of Ginger

You may have heard of ginger the spice used various culinary purposes, but did you know it's also one of the best-kept health secrets in the world?

In a recent study conducted by the University of Rochester Medical Center, and as reported in eScience News on May 14, 2009, researchers admitted that the common spice or herb ginger was found to "reduce post-chemotherapy nausea by 40 percent." Near the end of the article, the study confirmed that "ginger is readily absorbed in the body and has long been considered a remedy for stomach aches."

Furthermore, a study initiated by the National Cancer Institute believes that the ginger may have "anti-inflammatory properties."

So, what do you know -- allopathic medicine researchers have grudgingly admitted that ginger, an herb long known to be a natural cure for nausea does exactly what herbalists and naturopathics have known for almost two centuries. The wheels of truth grind slowly it seems.

Ginger Health Benefits

Ginger doesn't just reduce or eliminate nausea in the body. It has numerous health benefits that almost defy belief. Some of its main health benefits that have been proven by scientific study in the past 30 years are:

  • Is great for the heart and your entire cardiovascular system
  • It helps mitigate the nausea experienced by chemotherapy patients
  • It helps eliminate or significantly diminish stomach nausea or nausea in general
  • Anti-cramping properties to women during their menstrual cycle
  • Is a wonderful all-natural indigestion cure
  • Increases energy
  • Is nature's natural cure for motion sickness
  • Is a potent aphrodisiac for women and men
  • Improves circulation
  • Increases body heat
  • Possesses significant anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps eliminate flatulence
  • Helps to increase male fertility 
  • Pregnant women report a reduction of constipation, something common to women with child
  • Has been reported by anecdotal evidence to increase mental focus
  • Anecdotal evidence suggests it is good for the teeth and gums (one user of raw ginger testifies that ginger helps remove plaque from his teeth)
  • Eliminates or significantly reduces bronchial coughs during cold or flu (influenza) season
  • Ginger is an antispasmodic and for those with an upset stomach or someone who has been vomiting, ginger is ready made as the study conducted by the University of Rochester Medical Center confirmed. (Vomiting is common to chemotherapy patients.)
  • In two separate clinical trials in the country of Denmark, the studies warranted that ginger should be included in all arthritis treatment programs

As you can see this is an impressive list, and it's great to see modern-day science confirming one of its most well known health benefits.

How should you take the ginger? You can buy ginger supplements but its greatest benefits are gleaned by buying a ginger root, grating it and eating about a thumb size before or after meals (or anytime really). You can find it at any health food store or any grocer. Where I live, my non-health food grocer Safeway carries it.

How often should you chew on a thumb size worth of ginger? Again, anecdotal evidence suggests three or four times a week works quite well.

So there you have it. Ginger is one of the best-kept health secrets in the world. Start taking it and see for yourself.

Yours in health,