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This website does make any claims to diagnose or cure any disease. It is committed to supplying you with information about herbs, vitamins and alternative health resources that may help you feel better and improve your health.

Herbs are foods that have been used by man for thousands of years if not much longer. Our ancestors did not have the benefits of modern technology and were forced to find help from nature. They consumed large amounts of leafy green vegetables and a wide range of herbs and other plants. A study once done showed that people living as hunter gathers consumed about 150 different foods during the year. This is far more than the modern diet which is mostly composed of remixed and modified versions of the same ingredients.

It is best to learn how to stay healthy rather than become sick. The old saying an ounce or prevention equals a pound of cure is certainly true.

We are also fortunate to live in a time when a large variety of health treatments are available from accupunture to chiropractic to deep tissue massage and much more. While we face greater health challenges we also have more advanced knowledge and technology to use. In addition orthodox medicine has developed many treatments especially in the emergency room that save thousands of lives every day.

We hope you will derive some benefits from reading our articles and put the information to good use.